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Our Vision

The fashion industry is one of the largest sources of pollution globally. The high rate of pollution is also due to a large amount of consumer demand. But three out of every five garments end up in a landfill within a year they of manufacturing causing large amounts of post-consumer textile waste.


We realized that there is an increase in the amount of post-consumer textile waste in India, but we lack the channels to deal with them.


At Punah: we are a big supporter of sustainable fashion and fair trade. We aim to provide a service for the consumer to give a second life and add a personal touch by modifying and using Indian handicraft techniques.  We wish to save as many clothes from landfills as possible, reduce the usage of raw material and increase the life-cycle of an outfit.

Our Approach

Punah: or “पुनः” translates to ‘afresh’ which means - in a new or different way.


At Punah: every piece is restored, repaired and upcycled with the help of artisans. We take inputs directly from our customers and use several textile handicrafts to revamp each and every outfit. We promise you that you will own a one-of-a-kind product that is sustainable, ethical and you.

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