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  • What clothing items can I get upcycled?
    Anything and everything from your jeans to your shirt. We usually work with natural fabric like cotton, linen, silk, denim but we can even work with semi some cotton mix
  • Do you upcycle shoes and accessories?
    Right now we don’t but we are working on it. Do get in touch if you have any cap which you wish to get upcycled and we might give it a try.
  • After submitting form, in how much can I except a a call back from your designer?"
    You can expect a call back in anywhere between 24-48 hours.
  • Why does it take so much time for upcycling?
    We pay attention to each outfit individually and to every small detail. Also, each outfit is done by the trained artisans which takes time. But trust us, it is going to be worth the wait.
  • Can I share references for how I want my outfit to be?
    Yes, you can, and we can give a similar feel to your outfit but we do not make a copy of anyone’s work as it is plagiarism and we do not want to take credit for anyone’s creation.
  • What if I am not happy with the final product?
    We believe in complete customer satisfaction and try to give an amazing experience. Our designers will work with you and try to take every small detail and incorporate in the design. Even after that if you are not happy with the final product, do feel free to reach out to us and we will try our best to rework.
  • Any fabric on which you do not work?
    Polyester. It is the least sustainable option and it releases tons of microfiber every time it is washed. More we work with them, more it will pollute the environment. Also, it doesn't let your skin breath. Best way to deal with your polyester outfits is to either check if you have polyester recycling facility in your city or wear it as much as possible.
  • Why upcycling is expensive though you are using my outfit as a base?
    Upcycling is slightly expensive as we are treating each outfit different, unlike other fast fashion brands who created everything in bulk. Also, we believe in fair trade and ethical work practices and therefore we provide our artisan's fair wages.
  • I can buy a similar outfit from a fast fashion brand, why should I get upcycle instead?"
    Fast fashion production is not at all sustainable practice. It harms the environment, provides an unhealthy environment for laborers and lacks uniqueness. Also, 60% of it is made out of polyester. Upcycling with us will not only give you the freedom to customize your outfit but reduce the post-consumer waste by giving your outfit a new life.
  • How much of an impact am I having by upcycling my outfit?
    The best part about upcycling is not that you will get a brand new customized outfit but for every upcycled outfit you will also save an outfit from going into landfills. Also, you will help local artisans who will get fair wages.
  • Who can collaborate?
    Anyone from a small artist to a big designer can collaborate with us. If you have any surface ornamentation technique, we would love to get you on board with us.
  • Why should I collaborate with you?
    It will give you a sustainable platform to work on. We can also explore different techniques together and try to incorporate them into our designs.
  • What do I get in return?
    We believe in fair trade and we will share profits with you. We will give you a space on our website which will help you expand your your market. Also, we will get your name or your brand name embroidered on our tags.
  • What can I donate?
    You can donate any natural fabric outfits like cotton, linen, silk, denim to us.
  • Do you accept damaged clothes?
    Yes, we do.
  • What do you do with donated clothes?
    We use them to repair other outfits.
  • What do I get in return for donated outfits?
    As you saved 1 outfit from ending up in landfills, we will email you a coupon of 5% discount with a thank you note.


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